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Who am I, What is “Jon Trott’s Blue Christian,” and Why?


Jon Trott.

Nowhere near this fit now!

I am an Anglo male afloat in the fog-covered ocean of middle age. I am a Jesus Freak. I am a skeptic. I am a writer — have won some awards and also have been called a “Satanist” or “Cult apologist” or “Socialist / Marxist” by those who didn’t like what I wrote. I am a communard (more on that momentarily). I am a political liberal who often veers left of liberal though occasionally can veer right as well. I am an activist. I am a husband and father and grand father. I have the spiritual gift of being annoying.

Blue Christian – This blog.

First, let it be said — *nothing* on this blog represents anyone’s opinion but my own. I am a member of an intentional community, Jesus People USA, but don’t speak for them. I did once edit the community-supported magazine, Cornerstone, as well as wrote for it between 1977 – 2003 (as editor-in-Chief, I presided over the melancholy task of shutting it down). I also have a book of poetry, Trees, Roots, and Growing Things, now out of print, which I hope to soon make available here for people who enjoy romance and God with a little spice tossed in. Mike Hertenstein and I co-researched and wrote a book, Selling Satan: Mike Warnke and the Evangelical Media, which caused a ruckus but didn’t seem to change things much.

A final note: the original Blue Christian blog — http://bluechristian.blogspot.com — contains older writings of mine but is no longer active (I leave it there for archival purposes). I wrote a whole lot about my Jesus Freak support of Barack Obama, among other things. And of Jesus Rock music and feminism… some of the same things you’ll find here.


Writers write. That’s the most obvious reason. Every human being, whether it is true or not, believes he or she has something unique to add to the overall human conversation. That is certainly a (mis)belief I share.

What have I to add? On many things, just one more voice.

I am a Christian feminist — which to me means women’s place is wherever their gifts and callings lead them. A woman might find a calling as a house wife, a Senior Pastor, or both, or neither. Likewise, as a Christian feminist, I believe marriage is to be a community of three — woman and man bound together by the Holy Spirit in and through them. There is no “leader dog,” no “boss.” Scripturally, there is only a call to outdo one another in love. And with this tiny corner of the web universe, I try to mirror such beliefs and practices.

I am Privileged, and committed to exposing Privilege. As a white male American, I automatically have racial and gender privileges which are almost impossible for me to acknowledge, much less question. Yet question them I will. I believe hiding such privilege from ourselves remains one of the gravest sins facing white Evangelical Christians.

I am a believer in the Scriptures as the Word of God. That is, to put it as my denomination the Evangelical Covenant Church puts it,

“We believe the Bible is the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct. The dynamic, transforming power of the word of God directs the church and the life of each Christian. This reliance on the Bible leads us to affirm both men and women as ordained ministers and at every level of leadership. It is the reason we pursue ethnic diversity in our church and is the inspiration for every act of compassion, mercy, and justice.”

This high view of Scripture is a conservative view in many circles, especially the circles I often travel in idea-wise. Yet it is also, as the Covenant affirmation above exhibits and many other Christians believe, a document urging social justice and change rather than a reflexive defense of the social status quo. Leading to…

I believe the Scriptures’ teachings on justice, mercy, and love have little to do with what has become known as “the Christian Right.”  This aberrant movement within historic Christianity is rooted in an Anglo-centric nationalism foreign to the Scriptures. Because American Evangelicals’ pockets, and therefore voices, are well placed to make the most sound, their influence upon Christianity worldwide is amplified. The peculiar version of Right Wing politics often associated (not always fairly) with Evangelicalism has its roots in the deep American south — and slavery. History is clear on this even when many Christians are in denial over it. The Scriptures, then, call us to a quite different vision — one with the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, and Peter at the heart of it.

I believe whatever I write here is far less important than what I live. Words on paper or screen can easily become an act, an “eminence front” by those who’ve learned to play with words to create a role for themselves they like. I can only say that I will try not to be an actor, but rather someone whose words and actions match… and when they do not (as must happen sometimes) I will endeavor to be someone who will transparently admit my failure.



  1. Keith Goodson

    Hi Brother, It’s your Freind from Denham Springs LA, Keith. A few years ago I read an excellent article by you unearthing how Pan is an archetype of Jesus as the good shepherd in wind in the willows (or at least that was part of the article). Anyway I recommended it to s Freind but neither of us have been able to find it. Can you help? God Bless & know you & yours are in my prayers!

  2. Awesome! I find your blog to be incredibly refreshing!

    I too find myself to be a complete bible believing feminist, who leans quite left of the left, most of the time, but on certain issues I could find myself far right. It’s nice to find a like-minded individual.

  3. Kathleen Silvestri

    Love what you wrote and I’m eager to read more! Thank you for your honesty!

  4. Denny Flynn

    I am so glad I found you. I used to love your writing in Cornerstone Magazine. I think I even have a bunch of old copies in storage. You replied to my letter once way back when I was a dopey Limbaugh dittohead and was triggered by something you wrote. I’d like to think I’ve evolved since then. Much more left of center now. Not that it matters. I’ll probably be up for hours now reading through your blog. So, thanks, I guess.

  5. Do you happen to know if there are archives of old JP newspapers – Cornerstone for example? Also the regional varieties?

  6. James Russell

    See I am a southerner who was raised in a Southern Baptist Church but who has butted heads with authority figures within the Christian Orthodoxy and the far right. I also have a Master of Divinity Degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Though I have never used that degree in an avocational setting preferring to help in my local church anyway possible including teaching elementary age children in SS and Vacation Bible School, singing in choir and playing guitar in our church Praise Band.

    I too have struggled with White Evangelicals who have somehow convinced themselves that lining up with Trump is also lining oneself with the Will of God. I think that is a tragedy beyond belief. I too am a Christian Feminist and I have never understood how anyone can deny the giftedness of Christian Women who hear the gentle voice of God’s Holy Spirit in and all areas of ministry. I shuddered at some of the theological conclusions that some Christian Leaders have used to keep the Status Quo.
    I am reminded of a comment by a friend from my college days at Pfeiffer College(then) University(Now). Either all our beliefs and convictions are either going to fall off as we ascend into heave or are going to burn off as we descend into Hell!

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