God is Love — August 28, 2014 at 6:21 pm

Hatred Is…



Hatred is high-definition certainty.

Hatred requires a very simple plot.

Hatred’s purest dress comes only in extra-small; or to put it in astronomical terms, it is the big bang in reverse.

Hatred as narrative requires victims and victimizers, the first playing the role of the second.

Hatred’s first victim is the self-reflective intellect.

Hatred and race are intimate for one reason; skin-deep is as far as hatred is able to get.

Hatred postures as the dying man while being the murderer.

Hatred and Cynicism are friends with benefits.

Hatred is completely unteachable.

Hatred’s first enemy is not love, but doubt, a fact more religious people should remember.

Hatred’s greatest enemy, love, does not fight fire with fire but rather with its own life’s blood.

Hatred and love, like heaven and hell, are distinct for one reason alone; their respective allies’ single-minded choice.

Hatred, as does the biblical devil, senses it has already lost. That fact causes it to rage ever more fiercely.

Hatred’s only lover is pride; not even the self is as important as pride.

Hatred bends only when humility meets the word of truth, and the word of truth speaks hate’s true name yet is received by the hearer.

Hatred is well aware of sin… the myriad sins of others; the penitent hears his own name spoken, and turns toward the voice speaking it.

Hatred is the evidence Universal Salvation is not possible; God refuses to overcome by force that which if it could would overcome God by force.

Hatred dies when the heart breaks and one dares love another more than himself; Christ’s body was broken and his life taken from him, but love remained Love.

“Forgive them, Father, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

– Jon Trott

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