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SIGN UP! for *New* Wilson Abbey Newsletter!



Dear Friends,

Jesus People is building an email list for their Wilson Abbey newsletter, most likely being sent out four times a year highlighting best events as well as providing exclusive content such as free eBooks, music downloads, interviews, and videos.

Exclusive content means that the information or special offers will not be publicized on their website or social media outlets, it’s just for subscribers. The first Wilson Abbey newsletter will come out in the fall.

Please subscribe! Please forward this email to friends and family who may be interested in what the Wilson Abbey team is doing.

This is a direct link to the subscribe page. You can copy this link and send it to others. Or just click the above image to go there.

Thank you for your support!

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  1. Bill Furman

    I would very much like to subscribe to your newsletter. I visited twice years ago at JPUSA and have many fond memories. I greatly miss Cornerstone Magazine. Fdirly recently I puchased Gray Sabbath by Shawn David Young and Discovering Jesus in the Least by Chris Ramsey. I would like maintain a connection even though I live in Upstate New York.

    Jon Trott, I presume that this message is getting to you. I remember your detailed expose on Mike Warnke. Do you have any information on Dennis Melton? He has written many books on deliverance/exorcism and 2 autobiographies- I Married a Demoniac (oopsy) and a followup book -I Married a Demoniac 2. I just completed the latter book. The accounts he has of events in his life are extremely fantastic. Obviously a person can write a book have it published and can make all sorts of fabricated claims.Dennis Melton’s books seem to be widely available and he claims to have a deliverance ministry. However I can’t seem to find any commentary on or critique of his books anywhere or obtain any information on his ministry. Do you have any information about him?.

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