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The Jesus Movement: JP Milwaukee’s Legacy


Arguably, the Jesus movement as an American 60s counter-cultural event began in 1967 or so and ended by 1973. Arguably, because of course many of us continued on – “beneath the radar” so to speak. We hope to offer some snips from various aspects of the national Jesus Movement as it occured in those early years, and interact with others who were there for their memories.

Jesus People Milwaukee began under the leadership of Jim and Sue Palosaari, in turn converted via Linda Meissner’s and Russ Griggs’ Northwest “Jesus People Army.” (Meissner was involved with David Wilkerson’s ministry to the gangs in New York, even making a brief appearance in “Cross and the Switchblade” before moving west to Seattle and being caught up in the Jesus Movement there… but that’s another story.)

Jim and Sue’s seven people quickly mushroomed into over 200 in Milwaukee, one of whom was Glenn Kaiser (later of Resurrection Band). Another was Carol Elaine Durkin (now my wife, but that’s another story, too).

Below is a photo gallery of JP Milwaukee, the majority coming from a 1971 Milwaukee Journal article on the group and a few from JP Milwaukee’s Street Level newspaper, edited by Sue Palosaari.

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