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The Kama Sutra of the Soul (Poetry)



The Kama Sutra of the Soul

by Jon Trott

Here are exact instructions
A Kama Sutra of the soul
Making love with broken hands
You lay me down to make me whole

Making love with those ten fingers
To the genital of my heart
I lie still in desperation
Whisper yes so you can start

Every nook and every cranny
You’ll touch where I allow
The tension and the terror
Bleed away, eternal now

Oh, God, touch me
Oh, God, touch me deeper than before
Oh, God, know me
Beyond all you’ve ever shown me… more.

They call you heaven’s rapist
Do their best to prove it true
But I know the fire of tenderness –
Quick, Love! — I wait for you.

I hold nothing back from you
I hold nothing back from you
You’re in me and I’m in you
Possess me now and all and through.

(See Psalm 163:1-8)


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