Big Blue Sky, God is Love — August 28, 2014 at 12:59 am

What Do We Want?


A Cry For Help“Consider, oh God, that we are without understanding of ourselves; that we do not know what we would have and set ourselves at an infinite distance from our desires.”St. Teresa of Avila

What do we want?

Not, as is often done, asking this about a passing bodily appetite of one kind or another… but what do we want?

What is it we truly want?

And why is it that question more often throws us into a confusion of many answers, none satisfactory, rather than the one answer which clarifies?

Our need is with us and it seems to be the one constant.

It signals this or that, or has signals passed to it through clever advertisers which are then passed on to create a need where none existed previously.

But all needs answered or unanswered end up being or again becoming need.

None is a water that quenches thirst forever.

We all are wanderers in a desert of love.

Sometimes those of us who quickly tout God as the answer are the quickest to dash water from someone else’s hands.

What do we want?

The terrible answering secret is this: so many of us do not even know.


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