God is Love, Lyrics & Poetry — August 28, 2014 at 3:05 pm

What’s So Special About Jesus?


What’s So Special About Jesus

(c) 2012 Jon Trott


We swim in a billion stories
We drown in facts without meaning
We thirst for relational love
But violent lust is what we’re screening
The lights go low on an empty stage
The script is missing to the play
We ad lib our collective fib
Love in the silence we all betray

What’s so special about Jesus?

A brave girl ‘neath a bulldozer blade
A coward’s words of cash and hate
A Bishop dies for loving peace out loud
The Church caught sexting with the nation-state
I’m sick and tired and won’t go on
You said your burden would be light
Your way hurts my heart and soul so much
This loving heart is breaking down my sight

What’s so special about Jesus?

If you were just a dashboard God
If you’d just shut up and let me do my thing
But the gentle whisper, the bleeding heart
Your little way brings hell’s own sting
I’m sick and tired this race ain’t run
I’m fading fast you’ve just begun
I’m double minded though your Love is One
Want to stop but somehow I can’t be done

What’s so special about Jesus?
What’s so special about Jesus?
What’s so special about Jesus?

I’m fading but you’ve just begun.


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